Please send audio files as stereo .wav or .aiff files in any resolution: 16 bit - 44.1 kHz up to 24 bit - 192 kHz. 

Please send all files to  You may use a file server such as or similar website to upload your files.  Files may also be mailed directly on a hard drive or DVD-R disc.

Please don't forget to include correct identification of song titles, album sequence, and any special edit or fade requirements you might have.

Once material is received, work begins as soon as possible and turn-around time can vary from a day to a few days if revisions are requested.  After mastering is completed, a link to a reference master file will be e-mailed to you, or a CD-R can be mailed to you.

Final Masters are delivered to you in the following formats -

     .Wav files of each track separately (sent via e-mail to you)
     .Wav file of the entire album (includes song spacing - but no track ID's)    
     DDP file set (format used for CD pressing; e-mailed file or disc mailed to you)    
     CD-R disc for referencing master (can be mailed directly to you)


Please send audio files as .wav or .aiff files at any resolution - 24 bit is preferred to work from.

Files may be delivered as above, or delivered by mail on a hard drive.

Turn around time will vary depending on the amount of work involved. 

Masters will be delivered as above.