Carlos Boll / The Front:

Lundvall Mastering had a real treat when Carlos Boll sent an old disc from The Front that was recorded live. The tunes were fabulous. Punk style rock with wild vocals! To be released soon, the album is now in the finishing stages with art and manufacturing being handled by renown photographer, Skip Bolan.


Tor Lundvall - Early Pop Recordings:

Ambient artist Tor Lundvall is in the process of mastering a vinyl release for Dais Records. The album features several tracks from the mid to late 1990's. Josh Bonati of Bonati Mastering will be pressing the vinyl as always. Look for this release this winter.


Jake Hertzog & Yishai Fisher: Stringscapes - A Portrait of the World in Nylon and Steel:

In progress is the mastering of guitar duet album by Jake Hertzog and Yishai Fisher.


Tor Lundvall - Tor Lundvall Presents: Witness Marks - The Works of John B. McLemore:

Recently mastered was the album and download version of an ambient collaboration between the late John B. McLemore and Tor Lundvall.

Tor Lundvall - "A Dark Place":

Recently released was the vinyl pressing of "A Dark Place" for Dais Records.  The album features haunting vocal tracks mixed with ambient pop.  

Tor Lundvall - Early Pop Recordings:

In progress is the mastering of several early pop recordings of Tor Lundvall.   They include out takes of "Passing Through Alone" and other recordings from 1989-1994 and 1997-1999.


Jake Hertzog - Hal Leonard Book:

Guitarist Jake Hertzog mastered 83 tracks for his Hal Leonard book.  It was awesome to listen to each track for nuances and try to bring out all the details in Jake's playing.  


Torben Waldorff - "Holiday On Fire":

So excited to announce the mastering of Torben Waldorff's latest release "Holiday On Fire".  An ArtistShare fan-funded project featuring a tremendous sounding blend of guitar to be released soon.  Stay tuned for more news. 


Lefteris Christofis - "ManTis":

Guitarist Lefteris Christofis recently mastered his new album "ManTis".  The album features Chico Freeman on Saxophone, Jacques Marugg on vibraphone, Dominique Di Piazza on bass and Nikos Touliatos on drums.  I loved working on this album and enjoyed the chance to work with such an extraordinary musician.


John Gentry Tennyson - "Petrichor" & "Adagio":

Pianist and composer, John Gentry Tennyson mastered two orchestral pieces recorded in Skopje, Macedonia.  Featuring sixty strings and mixed by Hollywood film scoring engineer, Bobby Fernandez, this was a great recording to have the opportunity to work on.

Brian Newman - "Eyes On The City":

Trumpeter, crooner and bandleader, Brian Newman mastered his new album "Eyes On The City" recorded and mixed by Dae Bennett.  Brian Newman is best known as Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's bandleader.  This is a fantastic album - look for its release soon.

Jake Hertzog - upcoming solo guitar album:

Guitarist Jake Hertzog mastered his upcoming solo guitar album.  It was an honor to work with him again on his latest project.  Look for more information on this release soon.


Josh Harris - "Cool Water Slow":

So happy to announce the mastering of tenor saxophone player, Josh Harris's album "Cool Water Slow".  Josh was the former tenor saxophone player for Whitney Houston during her first two world tours and has played among many other greats.  It was a privilege to work on this album.

Tor Lundvall - Upcoming CD Box Set:

In progress is the mastering of ambient artist Tor Lundvall's upcoming CD releases of the following new albums - The Park, Field Trip, Insect Wings Vol.2, The Violet-Blue House, and Rain Studies. 

Joe Lovano - "Live At Newport":

Joe Lovano recently had an upcoming Blue Note release mastered.  The album features the late Hank Jones on piano, George Mraz on Bass and Lewis Nash on Drums.   Recorded at the Newport Jazz Festival on August 14th, 2005, this album is simply amazing.  


Jake Hertzog - "Beyond The Standard Model":

Guitar virtuoso Jake Hertzog recently mastered his latest recording, "Beyond The Standard Model, Vol.1" featuring Harvie S on bass and Victor Jones on drums.  What a great recording and an absolute pleasure to work on.


Tor Lundvall - "The Park":

Just completed mastering is ambient artist Tor Lundvall's next instrumental album entitled "The Park".  The master was sent to Josh Bonati of Bonati Mastering who will be cutting the lacquers for the initial pressing which will be on vinyl only.  Dais Records will be releasing the album later this winter with a digital version to follow soon.


Mastered for i-Tunes:

24 bit high resolution masters will now be offered as part of your album project.   Sample rates will depend on the source material you are sending in for mastering.  For instance, high sample rate sources such as 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz will be delivered to you at that rate.  This initiative will prepare you for all future high resolution delivery formats, specifically Mastered for i-Tunes which requires that no clipping of the audio signal takes place during conversion.  Lundvall Mastering will ensure that all specifications are met.


Steven Frieder - "After Time":

Just completed mastering is saxophonist Steven Frieder's debut album as a leader. The album features Luke Franco on guitar, Peter Brendler on bass, and Bob Meyer on drums.  The album is being produced by guitarist Jake Hertzog and was engineered by Ben Lindell at Engine Room Audio in NYC.  This is a great album.  Look for its' release soon.


Merry Go Round - "Our Song":

Lundvall Mastering has been busy mastering an album project entitled "Merry-Go-Round" for bassist Yin Hwang.  The album is a collection of songs paying tribute to music's unique ability to communicate with an audience.  The album features Yuntae Kim on drums and percussion, Yeji Nam on vocals, GunMin Lee on piano, DongSub Lee on guitar, and Yin Hwang on Bass.  A planned release date is set for April.  Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming release.


Alberto Pizzo - "On The Way":

Lundvall Mastering received a real treat when guitarist and producer Fabrizio Sotti called one day in mid-February to ask if I could master an album for him.  The artist was pianist Alberto Pizzo.  Fabrizio explained that there were many artists on the album collaborating together - some of which included percussionist Mino Cinelu, Dire Straits co-founder David Knopfler, Toquinho, Renzo Abore and vocalist Francesca Schiavo.  It was such a great experience to master this album - not to mention that the music was outstanding.


Gustavo Kerestezachi 1961:

Jazz flutist Fernando Gelbard sent five wonderful tracks in for mastering.  Recorded in 1961 in Buenos Aires, they feature Argentinian jazz piano virtuoso Gustavo Kerestezachi, Miki Lerman on bass, Osvaldo Canonico on drums, and Fernando on flute who also produced the recording.